Monday, 16 March 2009

Why we are where we are

If you have never watched Jon Stewart’s Daily show (on More 4 and repeated online) you really should. It can be schmaltzy and at times somewhat trite, and it isn’t always as funny as it is often touted to be, but then you will get some truly extraordinary piece of television like this (about 23 mins long and only for those in the UK, see below for further options):

Jon Stewart, on previous shows leading up to this one, highlights the fact that financial channels such as CNBC are on the side of inflating the markets and are rarely interested in serious journalism exposing the corruption , neglect and mismanagement that has put us all in the position we are in right now – and the reason why it is so hard for me and millions of others to get a job. Families are being put to the sword and pensions are being lost and Jon Stewart, in this one magnificent interview, articulates the thoughts of everyone who is pissed off at the way the people operating the financial system have screwed us all over.

The link above will last for about 5 days but you will likely find it again on youtube (enter Jim Cramer Vs Jon Stewart) or on the Daily Show website at

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