Monday, 9 March 2009

The first interview

I’ve secured my first interview. It’s difficult not to lower yourself into the warm soothing bath of relief. It’s difficult not to say, bugger it I’ll buy the more expensive soy sauce because pretty soon I’ll have a high paying corporate job. You can’t do that. I don’t know anyone who gets the first job they interview for. It’s a learning experience, just like filling in application forms and learning their abstract code. Of course you can do everything you can to help the process along, you can do the reading, practice interview skills and take deep breaths. But at the end of the day you get better by doing.

So it’s a relief to know my CV alone can stand me in good stead to break the first barrier. I don’t know how many more hoops there will be to jump through. I can only try to see this as a positive step and not as the end of the struggle. I’ve made it to base camp at the bottom of the mountain and I’m peering upwards towards the cloudy mountain top.

Yet having said all of that I want to squeal with joy and picture the life ahead of me, fancy cars, Champaign, buying mum something decent for Mother’s Day. I want to imagine holidays in the Caribbean and not having to buy own brand supermarket food. But here lies disappointment and frustration. Here lies the crushing defeat of life and the weight of the world. So best to stick to the plan, work hard and keep applying for job after job.

Still I will accept the boost in confidence in good faith.

As the Temptations said, “Keep on truckin’ baby”.

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