Monday, 23 March 2009

Third interview nerves are killing me.

Well I reached the next and last stage of the interview process and I’m more nervous than I was for either of the previous two because at this stage all I can do is mess it up! I’m thinking I might just keep my mouth shut and nod occasionally. Or at the most restrict my answers to no more than thirty second responses.

Also I’ve completely run out of original questions to ask. I’ve got, “Did you choose the decor yourself?” and “Where do you get your hair cut?” left.

So the three tips for a third interview are,

Say as little as possible
Always keep your trousers on
And, no matter how right it might feel to wear your regular clothes, you know, to show them a bit of the real you! Don’t. Always wear the interview suit as it’s a sort of deflector shield.

I’m putting all my eggs into one basket and I keep trying not to. I’m also spending money as if I’ve probably got a job and I haven’t. That said, a friend told me I might as well spend like I’ve got a job tomorrow because, come tomorrow, I might not! It made sense at the time.

Third interview nerves are killing me.

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  1. Well, been nearly 2 weeks now, we need to know?