Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dry mouth syndrome is killing me

Well I’ve thead, th.., I nud u drunk water. Ahhhhh! Well I’ve said my piece and delivered evidenced and practical examples of the work I’ve done in previous roles. I feel I acquitted myself reasonably well in the interview except for one small problem, dry mouth syndrome! I don’t get outwardly nervous so my demeanour and voice are never affected by stress, I do however sweat like a fat man walking up a hill. If they had insisted I remove my jacket I would have had to claim my shirt was two-tone. I also get dry mouth syndrome, most likely as a result of my sieve like body.

Sure, it’s not a pleasant image, believe me I know, but the point is I should always have some water on hand and normally I do. The problem was they were late interviewing me and I was offered drinks on several occasions which I turned down. The receptionist offered, the person interviewing me popped out and asked if the receptionist had offered, then the second interviewer, on suggesting we begin the interview, offered again. Again I refused as I didn’t need one.

By the time I really did need a drink I felt I was so committed to not having one that to go back on it now would show me up as a flip-flopper. Flip flops can kill a Presidential candidate (see in particular John McCain’s ridiculed views on abortion so what would it do to me? NO. I set out my non-drink position early on and I was going to stick to it even though by the end I, and probably they, could hear my rough hewn sandpaper tongue scraping against the corrugated iron roof of my cave like mouth.

From now on I take my own supplies, bottle of water, prêt a manger sandwich and a transistor radio in case of Die Hard style interruptions. Maybe just the water.

Time will tell if I get called back for a second interview, or if my dry mouth has sabotaged my chances. This dry mouth syndrome is killing me.

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