Monday, 9 March 2009

Looking for a flat mate is nearly killing me

Got no money, blah, blah, blah! Need to rent my spare room out, yada, yada, yada! So I’ve been looking for a tenant to share my home. I’m sure you can imagine the trauma involved in finding the right person. It’s a business deal but it’s also my home life. It’s extra cash but consider my sanity. Getting the right person can be something of a minefield. I think I have one but until the cash is in my hand I’m not going to get carried away.

Here’s the sort of thing you have to deal with, no additions, no editing. This guy sounds like a blast, no?

Cool guy looking for young virbrant houseshare

Hi, I will keep this a bit detailed so you know what you might get. I am 26 year old guy, very easy to get along with who is self employed and looking for a place in London with good transport links (24-7 bus service if possible). I work from home so spend lot of time on my computer but am sociable as well, I have a large selection of DVD's and CD's, a Wii and Xbox360, a 42" TV, Blu Ray player etc so the room I am in needs to be big enough to fit all this, and the room I am in needs to also come with a TV connection, internet and Sky connection, but as I said I am happy to socialise as well and only spend a lot of time in my room because it is my work, and while I like being on my own I like being with people as well. I love music and goto gigs as regulary as possible, like things from Rock n Roll to Indie to singer/songwriters and also finding good up and coming bands because tickets to see them are cheap! Love going to the pub as well. I also have a passion for foreign films and have tons of DVD's that include them (Over 600 DVD's and about same amount of CD's), so I have plenty of stuff you can borrow! I also support Liverpool so no Man Utd fans! (Just kidding). I do go out for all nighters sometimes so sometimes I can come back in the early hours, normally once/twice a week and normally on a weekend, but sometimes during the week (Rarely). I am not a professional, I am not a suit wearing guy, just a chilled guy who might look a bit rough and ready but am easy to get along with. I can provide references from the estate agents of where I currently live and would like a 3 monthish rolling contract (Maxium of 6 months, but not 12 month even tho I will likely stay longer then that it is just you never know with this economy what can happen) and I can pay upto £750 a month, perhaps more for the right place. I don't care if I share with male/female, gay/straight, black/white, etc etc, as long as you are cool, and would ideally prefer a few people in the house but will consider anything as long as you are fun but I also appreciate people have to work :) Ideally I'd like something for around Mid April onwards, I am in no rush to move so if it is something bit later in the year that is fine.

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